With a little help from positive self-judgment, we are able to gain the confidence and security among ourselves to stand on our own.
(easier said than done, i know…)
From experience, yesterday i was able to come into a headstand for almost over a minute! (longer than ever before). I was able to accomplish this through positive self-talk within myself. It is quite amazing how much we listen to ourselves the most in life. Buddha is right…”what we think, we become”. 

→take the time to notice the self-judgement within yourself. The way that you talk to yourself and approach different situations. Without compassion towards yourself, it is quite hard to create compassion with others. This is something i choose to work on every single day. Through each yoga pose, i am able to notice how effective positive self-judgment is to feel grounded. I realize this is not only in a yoga pose, but in everyday life. ←

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