choose, stay & be happy 


3 ingredients to focus on in life to allow us to be the best version of ourselves…
•Emphasizing on the present moment → the only moment that we can control is right here, right NOW. 
•Focus attention on our own lives → than become a source of happiness to those who are right here everyday.  
•Dedicate ourselves to the welfare and happiness of all beings → by developing strong compassion for other beings we will lose our hatred, jealousy, envy and craving. 
I realize that developing a wholehearted lifestyle is not a onetime choice, it is a process. It is a journey of a lifetime. Although, my goal is to bring awareness and clarity to the choices I make each day. I continue to remind myself of these points daily. By cultivating these into your lifestyle, you may realize that you were longing for a life of living and loving with a whole heart. 
After all…this is the month of radiance and joy…SO BE IT!




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